• Emily Evans

    Purchase off every live looking forward to coming to the shop next week the quality of the clothes and prices are insane!! So cheap!💗

  • Paula Marriott

    Extremely friendly & very helpful, don't feel pushed into buying. Jo and her team are there to help and have an amazing range of Spanish and other clothing.

  • Millie O`neill

    Jo is absolutely lovely and helps when needed, beautiful clothes that are the best quality, always go here

  • Vicky Wills

    Brilliant customer service, amazing quality in the outfits and at affordable price.. would definitely recommend to anyone who needs girls or boys clothes :)

  • Sophie Lee

    Always happy buying from baby Js so welcoming and friendly and sells the best sets and always has some good offers!

  • Courtney Vayro

    Proper canny lass always up for a laugh on her lives on Facebook especially tonight it's been so funny cheese and coffee haha Also clothes are the best the quality is just the best when my 1 years was about 3mothes I went in to the shop and I was stuck what to get and she helped me pick the best ❤❤

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